Welfare System

We provide excellent working conditions and a variety of welfare benefits
not only for a happy company life but also for a healthy personal life.

Work comfortably with generous support

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    Are you worried about
    commuting during rush hour?
    Is parking a concern for you?
    Parking registration is free

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    Have you worked late?
    Of course, take a taxi home safely

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    Let's work
    together for a long time!
    Rewards for long-term employees

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    We provide not only job
    development education but also
    book support without any shortage!

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    Relax while working!
    Men's and women's lounges equipped
    with top-notch massage chairs

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    In winter,
    we provide warm and
    comfortable padding jackets!

Eating well is the source of hard work. There's no time to be hungry.

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    Providing lunch,
    isn't it natural?

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    We avoid overtime, but just in case!
    Dinner is also prepared

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    At the in-house cafe,
    cereal, bread, fruit, and beverages,
    including coffee, are all free

We support everything, including having fun

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    Happy Birthday!
    Early leave and a department
    store gift voucher as a present!

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    Enjoy a fun outing with
    your loved ones, friends, and family
    at a famous domestic theme park
    with a huge discount!

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    You've worked hard,
    so take a break! Enjoy a stay at
    a famous domestic resort at
    an affordable price!

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    It's a holiday season, right?
    We provide not only transportation
    expenses but also our own gift sets!

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    Taking a day off?
    We don't ask for a reason,
    and you can even use half
    a day off as you wish

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    For those who share
    common interests, gather here!
    We support various club activities

We'll take care of the health of our employees as well as their families

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    Is there a gym inside the company?
    Fully equipped with shower rooms too!

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    Maternal Protection (shortened
    working hours, childcare leave, etc.)
    is a fundamental necessity! We also
    provide gifts for childbirth!

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    No need to worry about your
    children's education expenses!
    We provide support for high school
    student children's education expenses

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    We'll share the joy and sorrow of our employees. We provide family event leave & support.

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    We'll prepare for retirement
    together. Pension support!

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    Stay healthy while working!
    We provide support for
    comprehensive health
    check-ups at hospitals

Welfare facilities for employees

You can see the welfare facilities
prepared for employees up close!


In-house gym


Shower room

스낵바 및 휴게공간

Snack bar and lounge area


Relaxation room (MEN)


Relaxation room (WOMEN)

카페 Lounge01

Cafe lounge 1

카페 Lounge02

Cafe lounge 2


Community room 1


Community room 2