Organizational Culture

We create our own culture(DIY Culture)

We come to work with a joyful heart today as well


Horizontal JCK

  • Regardless of hierarchy, we exchange opinions freely.
  • Relationships are equal, vacations are free,
    and we don't watch our boss's every move!

Respect and Consideration at JCK

  • An open culture where we listen to each
    other's opinions and embrace diversity.
  • No to leaders who only receive reports!
    We prefer leaders who work together!
  • Employees use honorifics when addressing each other!

Smart JCK

  • Keep meetings to a minimum! Focus on essentials!
  • Simplify reporting processes and use a single-page report!
  • Opportunities to visit overseas subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, and Vietnam!

Communicative JCK

  • We support employee clubs for those with common interests!
  • Team support funds, workshops, and department gatherings are supported!
  • An excellent opportunity to internalize the company's business
    philosophy, vision, core values, etc. Tea-Time with the CEO!

Engagement at JCK

  • Through internal contests, all employees can propose ideas,
    and proposals that are adopted receive rewards!